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"Flowers naturally lend drama and impact to any occasion, so I like to think of the installations as theatrical or performative events. Introducing character and paying the kind of attention to detail that invites a closer look or evokes an emotional reaction, I aim to create striking and memorable multi-sensory experiences with a twist."

Barcelona resident, the Australian Donna Stain, is a conceptual artist specialising in site specific installations using flowers, plants and botanicals. 

Donna treats flowers as a performative art, space as a stage and people as creative collaborators. For her, a vase is a costume and flowers are the actors.

From the age of 16 Donna has developed her practice with flowers in inventive, explorative and adventurous ways. Living and working in New York and London, and now in Barcelona, Donna collaborates on artistic projects as well as being the decor consultant for Hotel Arts. 

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